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UltraMito Recovery is an all-natural nutraceutical supplement created to help pets quickly recover from surgery or acute health challenges. Designed to operate at the cellular level, UltraMito Recovery is a breakthrough in pet care for animals fighting life-threatening complications.

  • Provides noticeable results within two days
  • Fights inflammation and infection
  • Fights pneumonia and promotes wound healing
  • Reduces effects of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in all tissues
  • Reduces side effects of anesthesia
  • May reduce pain levels
  • Restores cellular energy and function
  • Completely safe: no side effects, can be given with food or directly
How it works:

UltraMito Recovery is a concentrated formula which uses all-natural nutrients and compounds from plants that have been shown to be beneficial, carefully chosen for their effects within the body’s cells. Though these substances are beneficial, their bioavailability can be low when taken orally. UltraMito Recovery utilizes XDS™, a revolutionary delivery system designed to allow these powerful nutrients to penetrate into cells and to be delivered to mitochondria, where they can become extremely effective.

This concentrated formula’s nutrients act quickly to fight after-surgery complications. Since damage to tissues occurs primarily at the cellular level, quick recovery from acute trauma requires speedy restoration of cellular function and reversal of cellular damage. Acting at the root causes of this damage, UltraMito Recovery rapidly reverses acute inflammation, reduces discomfort, fights infection, and promotes wound healing, and can be used alongside medications without negative interactions. If your pet needs quick relief from a critical condition, rescue your pet today with powerful UltraMito Recovery.