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UltraMito Life is an all-natural nutraceutical supplement created to help pets maintain optimal health and to prevent the decline of aging. Designed to operate at the cellular level, UltraMito Life is a breakthrough in preventative pet care for animals of all ages.

  • Provides powerful results beginning in days
  • Slows the decline of aging and prolongs vitality
  • Fights inflammation and free radical damage
  • Increases cellular energy and maintains healthy metabolism
  • Completely safe: no side effects, can be given with food or given directly
How it works:

UltraMito Life is an all natural formula which uses phyto-nutrients, compounds from plants that have been shown to be healthy, carefully chosen for their effects within the body’s cells. Though these substances are beneficial, their bioavailability can be low when taken orally. UltraMito Life utilizes XDS™, a revolutionary delivery system designed to allow these powerful nutrients to penetrate into cells and to be delivered to mitochondria, where they can become extremely effective.

This formula provides nutrients that protect cells from environmental pollutants, build-up of toxins, inflammation, and free radical damage. In addition, the function of the energy power plants of the cell, the mitochondria, are protected and strengthened, helping to maintain appetite and metabolism. Most immediate indicators of aging are caused by inflammation, free radical damage, and mitochondrial dysfunction, and UltraMito Life works deep within cells to assure that complete cellular function is supported. By giving your pet UltraMito Life, you ensure your pet a long, healthy life, free from crippling decline and chronic debilitating conditions. Begin your pet early and enjoy her companionship for many years to come!