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UltraMito Allergy is an all-natural nutraceutical supplement created to help pets quickly escape the detrimental effects of acute and chronic allergies and allergen sensitivities. Designed to operate at the cellular level, UltraMito Allergy is a breakthrough in pet care for suffering animals.

  • Provides noticeable results within days
  • Reduces symptoms of the allergic response
  • Reduces licking, itching, and scratching
  • Restores skin and coat health
  • Reduces food allergies
  • Reduces runny eyes
  • Reduces inflammation and helps regulate immune system
  • Reverses cellular damage due to oxidation and inflammation
  • Completely safe: no side effects, can be given with medication or directly
How it works:

UltraMito Allergy is a formula which uses all-natural phyto-nutrients, compounds from plants that have been shown to be healthy, carefully chosen for their effects within the body’s cells. Though these substances are beneficial, their bioavailability can be low when taken orally. UltraMito Mobility utilizes XDS™, a revolutionary delivery system designed to allow these powerful nutrients to penetrate into cells and to be delivered to mitochondria, where they can become extremely effective.

This formula’s nutrients act at the cellular level to lessen the cellular damage caused by the over-expressed immune response to allergens. The immune response is normally a beneficial part of the body’s defenses toward dangerous pathogens. However, when normally harmless substances are interpreted as harmful invaders due to hypersensitivity, the body’s immune system treats these allergens with an overaggressive response. The result can be an immune response that damages tissues, eventually potentially resulting in auto-immune disorders, where the body attacks itself. Though inflammation is part of the healthy immune response, allergies can cause excessive tissue inflammation and free radical damage, leading to other chronic conditions.

UltraMito Allergy is formulated to protect the cell from free radical damage and reduce cellular inflammation. This formula provides a free radical management system to support a normal immune system and assists in combating environmental pollutants. Our cells are constantly exposed to attack by free radicals in the environment and from a hyperactive immune system. Free radicals are molecules that contain an extra electron. These unpaired electrons are like buzz saws, capable of damaging delicate cellular machinery by oxidation. Fortunately, animal cells have built-in mechanisms for quenching these free radicals. Over time through the natural aging process or through constant environmental stress this ability wanes, and we produce less and less of the free radical defense molecules. As defenses wane, cellular systems are increasingly challenged and ultimately overtaxed by accumulating free radical damage. UltraMito Allergy prevents oxidative damage that leads toward cellular damage. In addition, the phytonutrients delivered via the XDS™ delivery system fight out-of-control inflammation where it begins—within the cells, thus radically reducing the effects of allergies without artificially masking the symptoms. Over time, with continued use of UltraMito Allergy, hypersensitivity is reduced, and the body’s immune response is regulated.

The results of giving your pet UltraMito Allergy are dramatic: your pet’s skin and coat health is restored, and the scratching and biting cease, food allergies fade. Runny eyes become a thing of the past, and constant licking stops. All of these results come from treating allergies at their cause, not ineffectively attempting to manage different symptoms. All of these results are delivered to your pet with UltraMito Allergy.