Who Is Behind Foxx Legacy?
Learn about the people that have come together to make the legacy come to life.
Foxx Legacy LLC is a marketing company located in Wausau Wisconsin. Foxx Legacy produces profoundly effective natural nutraceutical products.

Meet The Team:
Rodger Hill:
Rodger Hill has been an industry icon for the past 20 plus years. Rodger's unique analytical and mathematical skills were first developed as he began his professional career as a space program analyst. From there, Rodger went on to work for the military at the pentagon in Washington DC. What followed was a career with various government agencies, applying his analytical skills to various special projects. Throughout the years, Rodger developed a unique vision and perspective on attaining mission critical results. Rodger has gone on to re-create the industries top performing compensation plans. By applying his unique mathematical skills and extreme analytical insights, he has developed a plan that ensures everyone participating receives the benefit of a fair and efficient compensation system. Rodger and his think tank have optimized a compensation system whose efficiency and effectiveness in the industry is unmatched. It is his personal goal to provide you with an opportunity that works as hard for you as you do for yourself.

Dr. Bevan Elliot:
Scientific Founding Partner


- B.S. Physics
- M.S. Chemistry
- PhD Chemistry
- Clemson University

- Visiting Scientist Air Force
- Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson AFB
- Research Chemist University of Dayton

Research Experience:
- Nanotechnology
- Medicinal deliver systems
- Nano-electronics
- Exotic materials synthesis
- Natural health product research and development
- 25 papers in peer-reviewed Chemistry & Physics Journals

Empowered by his background in nanotechnology, physics and emerging science, Dr Bevan created a new, proprietary technology designed to potentiate, renew and increase the mitochondria. Dr. Elliott’s research indicates that what affects health the most is the health of the mitochondria. You literally can’t be your healthiest unless your mitochondria are at their best. "Renew and repair the body at the cellular level… and the body with repair and restore itself”


Roy Jones Jr.:
Presidential Founding Partner

Roy Jones Jr. is an American boxer. As a professional he has captured numerous championships in the Middleweight, Super middleweight, Light heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions. He is the only boxer in history to start his career as a junior middleweight, and go on to win a heavyweight title. 

Duke DuVall:
Presidential Founding Partner

Duke DuVall has been passionate about helping American business owners write their own life legacies for three decades, challenging leaders worldwide to use their influence in serving others for eternal good. His combined roles as corporate speaker to Fortune 500 companies, successful author and talk show host, business owner and business consultant, and later accepting the call into ministry, Duke has inspired and trained leaders of business, education, non-profit organizations, ministry, law-enforcement, and government for more than thirty years.

Joe Bonanno:
Joseph Bonanno has worked for over 45 years in the Technology, Insurance and Banking industries. He has been associated with many Fortune 500 Companies durring his carrier as a visionary leader, solutions archetect, and team builder. Joseph has countless innovations and projects credited to him durring his lifelong carrier, not the least of which includes the design and implementation of the ACH technology currently used in banks around the world today.

Derrick Bushman:
President Founder
Derrick Bushman is the third-generation owner of an agricultural corporation which provides produce to restaurants, grocery store chains and big box stores. It also provides ingredients to manufacturers of finer pet foods. Thousands of semi-tractor truckloads are used to deliver to markets throughout the eastern half of the United States.

Michael Burnett:
Executive VP Founder
Michael Burnett has had success as both a brick and mortar business owner and a network professional.  As an innovative brick and motor business owner Michael has created several million dollar earning businesses. He is an accomplished real estate developer and franchise developer.  He has been a leader in transportation companies and wireless companies. Michael began his networking career in the energy industry.  His application of common sense business principals spring-boarded his success when applied to his networking endeavors.  Michael went on to become the vice-president of one company and then the owner of his own energy based networking opportunity. His leadership in the field has helped countless reps to learn the successful principles and practices that have served him well over the years. Michael is focused on connecting people in a way that creates lifelong friendships along the road to success.

Jonnathan King:
CTO Founder
Jonnathan King owns an enterprise level ERP software company that services the networking industry, including several Fortune 500 companies.  Mr. King and his team of responsible for the design and maintenance of the data center, servers, network and the software that Foxx Legacy resides on.  It is his goal that the effortless operation of your member’s back office should aid you in enjoying both the efficiency of the compensation plan and the joy of the relationships you build in the process.


Your Potential ~ Our Passion